Friday, 7 January 2011

Butternut squash bread


1 Medium sized Butternut squash
300g Gluten free flour
1 tbsp olive oil
Mixed herbs
100 ml Lukewarm water
1/2 packet dried yeast

Do it

Preheat oven to 200 degrees C
Put whole butternut squash on a baking tray and bake for approx 45 minutes until it looks like on picture
Cut squash in half and leave to cool for 20 minutes
Scoop out the seeds and remove them
Scoop coocked squash out with a spoon into a bowl
Add Flour, dried yeast, olive oil, herbs, pepper and water into the bowl and combine
Create dough as per picture and put onto baking tray
Score a cross in the middle with sharp knife
Cook in oven for approx 30 min depending on the size of the bread
Take out and knock on the bottom of the bread it will sound hollow when done - if it doesnt cook it more


1 Stredne velka Tekvica - Maslova
300g Bezlephovej muky
1 polievkova lyzica Olivoveho oleja
Mlete cierne korenie
Mixovane susene bylinky
100 ml teplej vody
1/2 sacku prasku do peciva

Urob to

Predohriat trubu na 200 stupnov C
Vloz celu tekvicu na plech a pec priblizne 45 minut az pokial nevyzera ako na obrazku
Prerez tekvicu na polovicu a nechj 20 minut vychladnut
Lyzickou vyskrab semiacka a vyhod ich
Lyzickou vyskrab tekvicu do misky
Pridaj muku, prasok do peciva, olej, bylinky, korenie a vodu do misky a zamiesaj
Vytvor cesto ako na obrazku a daj ho na plech
Ostrym nozom vyrez v strede kriz
Pec asi 30 minut v trube zalezi na velkosti chleba
Vyber ho von a zo spodu nan zaklop - mal by byt pocut zvuk prazdnoty. Ak nie daj spet do truby a pec viac

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Rizek with cheesy potatoes


1kg potatoes – roughly cubed
4 pork lean steaks – hammered
1 cup flour
1 cup breadcrumbs
2 eggs
½ cup cream
½ cup milk
1 cup of grated cheese

Do it

· Bigger saucepan – boil potatoes for 10 min

· Oven dish – potatoes put into oven on 220 for 10 min

· Bowl – mix 3 tbsp flour with milk and cream – whisk until smooth

· Oven dish – pour bowl contents over potatoes bake for 5 min

· Oven dish – sprinkle cheese over potatoes bake for another 3 min

· Put steaks to Flour, beaten whisked eggs, back to flour then egg, finally into breadcrumbs

· Frying pan – shallow fry steaks on low heat for 5-10 min on each side

· Rizek with cheesy potatoes DONE

Cheesy vegetable soup

Cheesy vegetable soup


1 potato – cubed
1 carrot – finely cubed
1l of stock
1 leek – finely cubed
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp butter
1 cup milk
1 triangle cheese
1/2cup of grated cheese
chives to garnish
Baguette slice with cheese - grilled

Do it

· Bigger saucepan – Stock, Carrot – boil 10 min

· Bigger saucepan – Potato add – boil another 10 min

· Smaller saucepan – Butter – melt, leek add – fry until soft (5min)

· Smaller saucepan – triangle cheese, grated cheese add - stir

· Smaller saucepan – flour add – stir until all combined and solid consistency

· Smaller saucepan – milk add – stir continuously

· Smaller saucepan – bring to boil – stir continuously

· Mix the saucepans – stir continuously

· Bring to boil, turn the heat off

· Serve garnished with chives

· Cheesy vegetable soup DONE